_always one step ahead ...

Our large band saws easily handle large dimension economical sawing. Our strength is not only in the reliability and the precision of the sawing process. We are also the measure where the speed of sawing is concerned.

And this represents a clear competitive advantage to us, while it is another guarantee for your delivery dates? Innovative supervisory equipment like the cutting monitoring system with two sensors maintains constant quality during the entire process. We saw blocks of tool-steel with a clamping range up to 660mm.

As may be expected, Bartolosch also own an extensive storage facility for materials. This means that we can also react to inquiries at short-notice.

_Quality begins with the material

Present-day standards at Bartolosch include detailed documentation of the origin and the necessary specifications about the quality of the steel (verifiable by WAZ).

We process many different components, i.e. cast, forged, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, steel and many more. (Other materials on request).

Even urgent orders when the required material is not in stock: We have no problem to source cast or forged components and blank cuts.