_the ultimate challenge: Milling...

Many different machine centers promote a high degree of manufacturing autonomy where milling is concerned. This involves programming of machines with up to 5-axles with the most modern controllers. Bartolosch can handle simple work pieces through to extremely complex 3D contouring without a problem. During the last few years the large variety of requirements in milling has led to many technical innovations. Bartolosch has always reacted to these and invested in suitable machining centers. The more complex a project, the higher are its demands.

Je komplexer ein Projekt, desto höher die Ansprüche.

Flexible manufacturing systems (FMS) allow us to process your "just in time" orders simultaneously. Our in-house jig construction facilities secure the cost-effective, reliable and complete machining of components.

_competent implementation...

Our modern machine centers cater for the requirements of most products. We offer increased performance and precision coupled with the most diverse machining options.

This means that we can meet the severest demands to secure the customary Bartolosch quality.