_Precision and efficiency...

...When turning complex work pieces: from prototypes to mass-produced items, we at Bartolosch always work with utmost care. The vast amount of manufacturing experience in many different products that we have gained over many decades, combined with highly modern machines have enabled us to set standards.

We employ different CNC machine centers in axially symmetrical turning operations to manufacture everything from prototype quantities through to process-monitored mass-produced items. Multiaxle machines enable us to achieve the most complex and precise complete machining processes.

Please call us. We will gladly show you the most competitive and efficient approach for your production environment. Made by Bartolosch!

_Advantages from individuality

Special machines with powered tools enable to us to meet any requirement and product spec.

Probing systems for optimized machining and employees specially qualified in their proper application are a precondition for the smooth execution and the mass production of complex parts.

We invest continually in our manufacturing technology and the professional knowledge of our employees.

This is the basis for our competitive advantage ensures that you have a competent partner. Without any maybe’s.