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... and not to lose sight of the ultimate target: competitive production of your components, whether as job-lots or as mass production items. From the first consultation and planning stages you will encounter something quite special, i.e. Bartolosch caters specifically for your individual requirements. At the end of the day you have an exact concept of your products and we provide the competence required for its implementation. The success of our consultancy and planning services is based on the extensive experience and the professionalism of our employees. Our in-house jig and tool construction facility produces optimized clamping solutions.

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professional knowledge, experience and not least trust is required to find a really efficient supplier and partner. We have gained the recognition of our customers as long-standing suppliers of mechanical engineering components and subassemblies to a great variety of industries.

All our employees, from the planning office to production, receive constant vocational training. This is the basis for our competent consulting services and achieving your production requirements.

Please call us or simply present your inquiry, we will gladly prepare a suitable offer for you. We are sure that we can persuade you with our performance.

for successful production

Every manufacturing project starts with the personal contact with our clients. These discussions concentrate on the requirements for the parts being produced, the supply flexibility as well as costing and pricing policies.

  1. Inquiry and bid phase
    • determination of product requirements
    • feasibility study
    • quality planning
    • capacity planning and limits
    • process capability study
  2. Orders and placing of orders
    • production schedules
    • 3-D modeling
    • quick and precise project management
  3. Manufacturing
    • state-of-the-art machinery
    • quality-securing measures
    • qualified staff
    • state-of-the-art tool technology
  4. Delivery
    • internal vehicle fleet
    • excellent flexibility
    • delivery checks